Underwater works and maritime A.M.Y.Sub.net Docking of a Coast Guard ship   Placing a marker buoy of a marine power line        Shipowning, Maritime, Yachting and Diving Works Preparing plans for installation in dry-dock (a dock flooded or dry); Docking ships and civilian service; Fairings floating hull; RINA views floating hull; Underwater cutting and welding; Installation and replacement anodes; Cleaning, polishing and propellers replacement; anchors and chains retrieving; Ships recovery; Laying of underwater pipelines; Picture documentation and movie; ROV inspections with wire-guided; Non-destructive controls; Ships maintenance and repair; Building sea and river works; Docks and piers construction; Dredging works; Reclamation of the marine seabed by bombs and or remnants of war or other materials of different nature without the recovery of the same; Buoys fields maintenance ; Diving surveys with video-photographic support, underwater research and recovery also archeological; Search, discovery, exploration, excavation, photo reconstruction and remote video surveillance in archaeological sites; Fixed and floating docks realization; Sorbo nature, drilling and digging, cutting, reclamation and resination of underwater structures; 24h/24h assistance with expert divers; Partner of the diver deep water company and expert of     ROV technology;         A.M.Y.Sub.net End of deployment in the floating dock | Homepage | Works | Latest Works | Equipments | Gallery | Contacts | Who am I? |